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Solar Energy

The solar support of heating is a new technology that it helps in the saving of energy. The basic beginning is the placement of bank of collectors in the flat-roof or the roof of building, which warms water, which is stored in a Boiler Box (boiler) and afterwards is used for aid of this heating of building. Also the system produces also hot water of use. The saving of energy that becomes guarantees the fast damping of system value .System can combine itself with boiler, energy fireplace or even pump of heat of air-water for biggest economy.

Think “solar” that does not warm water for the bathroom, but entire your residence, still and when you are not there. This is the system of solar collectors: a system that exploits the vivifying force of helium in order to it maintains in your residence a constant heat atmosphere. In other words, the ideal solution for absolute economy in regions that are glad the sun for big space of year.

The system of Solar Heating of Bavaria is very simple and effective: the solar collectors are placed in the roof of building and they are connected with a network of pipes that contains water and runs through the house. As it happens also with a conventional solar heater, the water is heated by the sun: then it circulates via the pipes in the house and transmits his heat in the all space giving a pleasant heat. The solar collectors are supplemented from same force secondary system (eg small boiler), so that is even ensured the desirable heat in the house when the time… does not help.

The solar collectors are ideal for rural residences (example. in a island), while with infinitely small cost can heat him still for as long as time you are absent, ensuring you drank conditions and better maintainance. Also, Bavaria beyond the conventional solar systems, it has the possibility of offering also solar systems of open circuit with water as figurative means (drainback - systems). This systems maximize the solar profits, exempt you from the danger of overheats and consolidations, while at the same time they decrease in minimal the costs of maintainance of system.

The use thermic solar (Boilers or Central Systems) allows the direct exploitation of solar energy, without it requires high investment. It is the being in my interest solution for the acquisition of abundant hot water of use.

The central systems are not installed only in new buildings, but also in existing. A central system can extend itself depending on the special requirements of each building. The K.S., moreover with the production of hot water of use, can be also developed for the heating of spaces. Exceptional results of saving of energy in the heating of spaces are achieved with the combination of central system and in the floor heating or network fan coils