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The “BAVARIA”, was founded at 1985, is an industry of production of solar heaters of high output from certified raw material of brass, iron, coper and aluminum. Also it deals with the sale and installation of systems of refrigeration and heating professional and domestic spaces. The solar systems, that allocate, have the better application and high output in installations of heating of water, but also in installations of heating professional or domestic spaces. The company, regularly directed in the achievement of high quality of products, uses advanced technology, occupies specialised personnel and provides actuarial cover of urban responsibility for damage, that likely they are caused in third by her products of production. The “BAVARIA” is the first company that established in Greece “Kypseloto” of Collector. The advantages of specifically drawn “Kypseloto” of Collector provide the bigger thermic output enclaving solar beams from any place and if is found the sun with result their complete exploitation. The excellent materials, the ultramodern method of manufacture and the multi-annual experience, render solar heaters “BAVARIA” unique so much in Greece what in other countries, as Sweden and Germany, with difficult meteorological. With clearly customer philosophy and policy, competitive billing policy, benefit of high quality of products and services, continuous improvement of mechanical equipment, specialization of personnel and follow-up of developments of market, aim “BAVARIA” are to create long-lasting relations of confidence with her already existing customers, but also to approach continuously new. Installations The seat of enterprise, the factory of manufacture of solar heaters, as well as the deposits are found in Belbitsi Patras, in privately-owned space 700 t.m. The report of products is found in the shop Pantanassis 79 and Karaiskaki Stadium, in the center of Patras, from where becomes the service of customers. Telephone of communication/fax: 2610 220982 Technical support: 6944 318691