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The “BAVARIA”, was founded at 1985, is an industry of production of solar heaters of high output from certified raw material of brass, iron, coper and aluminum. Also it deals with the sale and installation of systems of refrigeration and heating professional and domestic spaces. The solar systems, that allocate, have the better application and high output in installations of heating of water, but also in installations of heating professional or domestic spaces.


Modern many promising confrontation of subject of heating of space, is the use of solar collectors for the warm-up of water of thermal bodies and hot water of use. Are used solar collectors (similar with those of solar heaters). The hot water is led in suitable dimensions reservoir of storage with which are connected the boiler of radiator or the stove, or the electric system of heating, and that supplement also the required energy.


Solar water heaters

Solar water heaters absorb the sun's radiation to produce hot sanitary water reducing thus the use of conventional fossil fuels which are costly and moreover harm the environment.

Solar Heaters BAVARIA of are our production. They are manufactured in the privately-owned spaces of enterprise from even human potential. Solar Heaters BAVARIA of are Triple energy (they are connected with the domestic radiator).